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Hull Insurance

It compensates the damages of the aircraft for any reason while standing on the ground, on the move (taxi state) or during flight.

Hull Deductible Insurance

It is the guarantee purchased by the airline companies in order to reduce the deductible included in the hull insurance.

Hull War And AVN 52E

It guarantees the damage to the hull of the aircraft and passengers, third parties and cargoes due to dangerous risks such as war and terrorism.

Aviation Liability Insurance

Provides assurance against damages that may be brought against the insured by third parties regarding the physical and / or material damages caused by the falling parts of the aircraft or aircraft. The legal liability of the insured is guaranteed by the passenger liability insurance due to the physical damages that passengers may be exposed to in aircraft.

Aviation Personal Accident Insurance

In the event that the crew and / or passengers are dead or sustained disability as a result of an aircraft accident , they are compensated to their legal heirs or to the amount stated in the policy.

Aviaiton Spare Insurance

It is a type of insurance which protects aircraft spare parts, including engines, with a certain limit against damage that may occur when not on board, on the ground or during transportation.

Passenger Legal Liability Insurance

It is the guarantee that covers the costs incurred as a result of the injury or death of passengers themselves and their luggage (which is under the control of the airline and under the control of the passenger) and personal belongings during the time of boarding of the passengers during the journey on board and at the end of their landing.

Pilot Loss of License Insurance

It is an insurance cover that pays a predetermined amount in case pilots lose their license as a result of an accident or illness.

Hangarkeeper Insurance

It is a type of insurance which is under the supervision of the insured, under the care or control of the insured, which is not owned or rented by itself, and which guarantees the responsibility of the insured against damages to aircraft and aircraft parts owned by third parties. The insurance coverage starts from the delivery of the aircraft and / or parts to the insured and ends upon delivery to the customer.

Aviation Product Insurance

It is the type of insurance that is responsible for the damages that occur in third parties and the damages of the third parties' goods after the delivery of the product to the customer or the buyer, resulting from the products that the insured sells, serves, performs, tests and supplies the aircraft and parts of the aircraft.

Liability Insurance for Airport Operation and / or Airport Ownership

This Insurance protects the Airport Owners / Operators against legal liabilities (a) for bodily injury including death at any time resulting therefrom
 (b) for loss of or damage to property of others caused by accident occurring during the period mentioned in the Schedule arising out of maintenance and operations of Airport and connecting facilities.

Aviation Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

It is a type of insurance which provides guarantee against operational losses caused by mechanical failures in motors which are considered as exception in Body and Spare Parts Fuses.

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