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Compulsory traffic insurance

With the Compulsory Traffic Insurance, we guarantee the damages you may cause to other vehicles or third parties in a possible accident in line with compulsory expenses. In addition to the standard traffic coverage, optional Mini Repair, Roadside Assistance, Voluntary Financial Liability and Personal Accident additional coverage and services can be received.


Motor Own Damage Insurance provides compensation to the insurer in cases such as damage, theft, burning and accident of the motorized and non-motorized land vehicle specified in the policy and which is permitted to use on the road, against the will of the insured person while the vehicle is moving or stationary. Motor Own Damage Insurance, unlike compulsory Traffic Insurance, enables the insurance owner to secure their own vehicle, which is the most important difference between Motor Own Damage and Traffic Insurances. Apart from the standard coverage against the theft, burning or damage of your vehicle, you can expand the scope of your motor own damage insurance with the additional guarantees offered by our company upon your request. You can determine your motor own damage policy in line with the guarantees you need, and choose the motor own damage policy that suits your needs among the motor own damage products our company has prepared for you.

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