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Dangerous Goods and Waste Compulsory Liability Insurance

Because of the professional activities of the flammable, flammable, explosive substances producing, storing, transporting and selling these products, whether or not there are defects as a result of the incidents that may directly cause these substances, the liability of the third parties to be incurred and the damages arising from the material losses are guaranteed within the limits written in the policy.

Compulsory Motorway Liability Insurance

Motorlu araçlarınızın işletilmesi sırasında, üçüncü şahısların ölümüne ve yaralanmasına veya bir şeyin zarara uğramasına sebebiyet verildiğinde kanunlar ve poliçe şartları çerçevesinde teminat sağlar.

Compulsory Road Transport Financial Liability

It shall ensure the liability of the carrier arising from the damages to the passengers traveling in motor vehicles, including breaks, arising under the Road Transport Law no. 4925, up to the limits specified in the policy.

Compulsory Passenger Seat Personal Accident Insurance

These are policies that insure passengers and drivers of intercity and international travelers against death and disability as a result of sudden and external events that occur against their own will, including pauses, from the beginning of the journey to the end of the journey.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)

With the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, the direct damages caused by the earthquake in the insured buildings and foundations, including fire, explosion and landslide, are covered by the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) up to the insurance cost.

Coastal Facilities Marine Pollution Compulsory Liability Insurance

Coastal resort event results arising from Turkey's internal waters, territorial waters, the continental shelf and the exclusive jurisdiction of the contamination occur in marine economic zone consisting of or caused by pollution hazards; cleaning costs, expenses to be incurred for the transportation and disposal of collected wastes, damages resulting from the injury and death of third parties and damages to private goods, 'Legal Responsibility under the provisions of the Law on Intervention in Emergency Situations and Compensation of Damages in the Contamination of Oil and Other Harmful Substances in the Sea Environment'. would.
Cases occurring as a result of sudden or unexpected pollution and gradual contamination are excluded.

Private Security Compulsory Liability Insurance

Compensates for damages to third parties in the performance of their duties by persons employed in accordance with Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services.

Compulsory Liability Insurance for Medical Malpractice

In accordance with the legislation of the physician, dentist and medical specialist performing his / her profession, the damages that the experts may cause while performing their profession are guaranteed.

Compulsory Liability Insurance

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottlers; have the right to indemnify the liability of the body and material damages caused by explosions, gas hijacking, fire, etc. during the delivery of the products to the consumer under policy terms.

Personal Accident Insurance

It is a type of policy that provides compensation to beneficiaries or statutory right holders in line with the specified limits when the insured person or his / her relatives lose their lives as a result of accident or permanent disability.

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