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Machine Breaking Insurance

It is the guarantee to cover the damages arising in case of failure of the machines in operation as a result of unexpected events. Operating accidents, model, manufacturing, assembly, material, mold, casting and workmanship defects, lubrication defects, short circuit and voltage rise, clogging of machine parts and malfunction due to foreign matter entering, water boilers in steam boilers and containers, sudden overheating and cooling guarantees damages due to crushing, tearing, wrinkling, negligence, error, and sabotage of operating personnel and third parties as a result of low pressure and the necessary repair and replacement costs.

Electronic Devices Insurance

It is an insurance policy which provides the damages incurred due to any sudden and unexpected reasons that are not known before, during the cleaning, maintenance, revision and displacement of the insured electronic devices in normal operation after the trial phase or in the same workplace or during stopping.

Installation All Risks Insurance

Installation All Risks Insurance guarantees the risks that may be encountered during the installation of the machines. In this insurance, the guarantees begin as soon as the machines to be assembled land at the assembly area and end with the operation of the facility. Any loss caused by a previously unknown and sudden reason (fire, lightning, explosion, flood, seylap, storm, frost, landslide, collapse, vehicle shock, theft etc.) during the guarantee period of the values constituting the subject of insurance. and assures damage.

Construction All Risks Insurance

Construction All Risks Insurance guarantees a wide range of risks that can be caused by nature, technical and human factors, from the time the building materials are brought down to the construction site until the plant starts to be used. In addition, in return for the demand of the insured and payment of additional premiums; - All machinery, tools and equipment used in the construction site, - Temporary sheds and auxiliary structures, - Assurance of damages related to the responsibility of third parties, - Costs of debris removal, - Maintenance cycle started after the temporary acceptance, - Strikes, lockouts, chaos, public movements and terror guarantees. may be included.

Construction Machinery Insurance

When the construction machinery is located at the risk location (construction site) in connection with the construction / assembly work subject to insurance, it receives the loss and damage that may occur as a result of the realization of the risks covered by the general conditions of the policy annually. Business machines; machines used by an operator and moving from place to place with their own power. (Eg tower crane, mobile crane, loader, excavator, dozer etc.) The insurance price is the declared value by the insured and this price should not be lower than the market current value (market fair value) of the machinery and equipment.

Construction and Equipment

While the work equipment is located at the risk location (construction site) related to the construction / installation work subject to insurance, it shall ensure the loss and damage that may occur as a result of the realization of the risks covered by the general conditions of the policy.

CMI (Comprehensive Machinery Insurance)

Rather, it is a comprehensive guarantee for industrial plants. It provides the guarantee of physical loss and profit loss to the machinery and immovables in the operational process. It covers all risks that may be exposed to physical damage such as product, stock, building. It also provides fire and additional fire related guarantees in energy plants where engineering risks are more common than industrial risks.

CECR(Civil Engineering Completed Risks)

It is used for infrastructure facilities where fire insurance cannot be made in the application of completed construction risks guarantee. Provides collateral in case of exposure to fire risks and local geological conditions, technical design of the structure, operational and associated use of the structure. It is an annual guarantee, which guarantees the following risks: - Fire, lightning, explosion, - Crash of aircraft and aircraft parts - Earthquake, volcanic movements, tsunami - Storm over 8 Beaufort - Flood and flood - Crash, landslide , rock drift and other ground movements - frost, avalanche, icing - Vandalist actions

CPI(Comprehensive Project Insurance)

This guarantee can be applied to assembly and construction projects. It is a product offered more in the risks involving construction and machine assembly works such as hydroelectric power plants. 3. In addition to third party and construction machinery, this policy is a comprehensive insurance product that guarantees transport cargo.

ALOP(Advanced Loss of Profit)

Construction works that are damaged due to natural disasters or a risk subject to construction cannot be completed on the scheduled date and as a result, enterprises may face serious financial difficulties. With this policy, profit losses arising from the failure to complete the construction at the scheduled date due to a damage covered by the Construction Insurance are guaranteed.

DSU(Delay in Start Up)

İnşaat poliçesine konu olan rizikolar sebebi ile işin başlamasının planlanandan sonra gerçekleşmesi başka bir deyişle gecikmesi dolayısıyla oluşacak gelir kaybı veya  ek masraflar teminat altına alınmaktadır.

MLOP(Machinery Loss of Profit)

Financial losses that may be incurred as a result of the downtime of the enterprise as a result of the breakdown of the machines belonging to the insured can be covered by the Profit Loss Insurance Coverage Due to Machine Breakdown.

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