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Surety Insurance

Surety Insurance is used to meet the security needs of the private sector, especially in public procurement processes. It creates an alternative to letters of guarantee issued by banks, thus enabling the use of credit limits in other areas.

State Supported Credit Insurance

The new State Supported Credit Insurance model created by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance guarantees the receivables of SMEs. Thanks to this insurance, in the event that SMEs fail to collect their receivables, a significant portion of their receivables are covered by the State Supported Credit Insurance Pool. Building Completion Insurance has an important function in terms of preventing unjust treatment due to incompletion of buildings, securing the payments of consumers and providing new non-cash resources to the country's economy .

Licensed Warehousing Surety Insurance

Licensed Warehousing Surety Insurance is a financial instrument included in the mandatory guarantees that licensed warehouse operators have to give. Licensed Warehousing Surety Bond, which was included in the legislation by the Ministry of Commerce on December 5, 2017, is offered to licensed warehouse operators by Quick Insurance, an expert in Financial Insurances, and provides great convenience.

Invoice Protection Insurance

The companies that sell to the consumer are assured against the payment of the shopping amounts within the guarantees specified in the policy in cases where their customers cannot pay their debts. Insurance Assessors Experts Professional Liability Insurance As a direct result of any negligent act, error or negligence, the claim made against him first within the period specified in the policy or meet the demands according to the general conditions of professional liability.

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