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Employer Liability Insurance

It is a type of insurance that guarantees the employer's legal responsibility for the damages incurred during the fulfillment of the obligations of the employees connected to the employer in a workplace and subject to the Law of Social Security Institution.

Third Party Liability Insurance

It is a type of insurance which guarantees the responsibility of real or legal persons for their claims for damages due to their bodily and financial damages that they or their employees may give to third parties.

Third Party Liability Insurance in Elevator Accidents

Under a contract, the liability of the insured shall be assured for the claims made by third parties to the insured as a result of an accident related to the elevators kept under constant maintenance.

Product Liability Insurance

As a result of a defect and / or defect arising from the product produced by the insured, it compensates the body and the material damages that it is legally liable to pay as a result of the damages to be incurred by third parties during the use of the product.

Product Recall Insurance

This insurance provides guarantees for final, intermediate product manufacturers, importers of consumer, commercial and industrial products, covering the costs of recovering these products in case the product causes bodily harm or material damage or if there is a danger of causing it.

Product Warranty Insurance

Since the product which is the subject of insurance does not provide the expected efficiency, the responsibilities that may arise on behalf of the insured are assured. In addition to the indemnity that the insured has to pay, the costs such as indirect damage, repair, renewal and replacement of the person using the product are covered by the policy.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Ensures compensation claims and defense costs arising from the damages caused by errors or omissions that may be caused by the members of the Board of Directors, executives of the Company and its subsidiaries and employees of the Company acting as managers or supervisors.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, engineer, architect and so on. is a type of insurance which provides protection against legal damages for professional persons due to damages to third parties as a result of inadequate and / or faulty transactions during their professional activities.

Decennial Liability

This insurance demanded by the employer from the contractors compensates the costs incurred as a result of the collapse of the partially or completely constructed structure. Risks occurring within 10 years following the completion of construction are taken as collateral.

Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance

In addition to ensuring that an entity's facility or facilities are secured against environmental risks arising from environmental pollution financial liability insurance, it also provides security against environmental risks that may arise due to pre-existing conditions.

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